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Palkonya is the quiet, peaceful treasure chest of the Siklós-Villány wine route that provides the same enjoyment to friends and family, to young and old, to wine-lovers and nature-lovers. The famous cellar-village which had built since the early 19th century and consists of 53 cellars as of today, gives a magical experience to every visitor, who can get to know the local producers’ wines through great wine tours. Lots of routes can be found here, including the popular “Three rivers” international biking route, which makes Palkonya as an ideal destination for those who want to relax near to the nature, far from the city’s noise. Read more about Palkonya here:

Palkonya is special, thanks to its rich wine culture, the remarkable natural environment and to the local people who, as a real community of friends, try to preserve the settlement’s values and show it to their guests.

Scroll down to explore what Palkonya and the Hárságyi Winery can give you. The below list only include programmes which were tried and tested by us, so we can honestly recommend them.

Programmes at Palkonya and around the village

Other programmes

  • Cruising on the river Drava
  • The legend of the 'Szársomlyó' and 'Ördögszántotta' hills
  • The church of Máriagyűd
  • Tours on the wine region
  • Pottery, handcraft workshops
  • Antiques market of Pécs

Programmes all year around


‘Vince’ day: visiting the local cellars


Easter wine tastings


‘Borzsongás’ (‘Wine buzz’): concerts, exhibitions


Pentecost – Open cellars at Pentecost 


Devil’s Cauldron Pan-Art Festival: concerts on our Hárságyi Rosé Stage and exhibitions in our cellar. Click here for more info.


European Wine-Song Festival


Villány Red Wine Festival


‘Márton’ Day: New wine celebration