Our winery

Traditional winemaking, honest wines

We at the Hárságyi Winery produce high quality – but no high quantity -, genuine Villány-type wines from carefully cared grapes. We create honest wines in an authentic, traditional way and with traditional technics: we respect the nature and the differences between vintages, so we don’t optimize or blunt our wines in any artificial way, but we fully respect and use the possibilities that nature gave us.
That’s what makes our wines honest.

Our wines represent the grape varieties’ specifics, with a bit rustic style, trying to be as natural as possible.

Our winery’s selection is built on red wines particularly popular in the region: from fruity Portugieser to full-bodied Cabernet savuginon, while cuvées (light rosé and siller) representing our very own taste are also part of our selection. Our wines were awarded gold and silver medals by noted experts on numerous international and local wine competitions; you can read more about that on each wine’s page.

Szilvi, Balázs and the girls

Family winery, family achievements

As a true family winery all four members of our family take his or her part from the tasks. Balázs, the winemaker oversees the works on the vineyard and in the cellar that’s why our wines represent his taste. Szilvi organizes the events, manages the guesthouses and do all the marketing stuff around the winery. While our two little daughters don’t focus on wine (yet), their work is also ienvitable since they help on our events and they are also act as our COHs (Chief of Happiness).

We’re all passionate travellers, mushroom hunters, nature lovers, enjoying and protecting the natural treasures Palkonya gave us. We’re really dedicated to local community projects and we try to help developing our wine region. Balázs was nominated to the Origin-Protection Committee of Villány Wine Region of which job is the profound gradation of wines that are served to customers. Szilvi takes an active role on the work of Villány Wine Marketing Workgroup which is responsible for the region-wide common marketing strategy. She also holds an office in Palkonya’s local government as well as acting as the manager of the European Cultural Village movement.

Who we are

The winemaker

Balázs Hárságyi

certified wine-judge, European wine consultant, Suze-La-Rousse Wine University Hungarian Division – Pannon Wine University

phone: +36 (30) 8719 719 e-mail: h_balazs@pincehaz.hu

Sales & marketing

Szilvia Rechnitzer

economist (marketing), WSET advanced certification, English-Hungarian

phone: +36 (30) 42 62 958 e-mail: r_szilvia@borviraghaz.hu

And our girls 🙂

The work of nature

We do organic farming, without chemicals

During the winemaking process our most important principle is naturalness. The specific reason behind is that eating organic foods has a highlighted role in our family’s daily life: we try to eat foods that come from organic and chemical-free farms or from our own garden, from gathering and from fishing.

We treat our grapes as the integral part of the natural ecosystem; that’s why we never use any artificial farming products, but provide space for every useful creature who in exchange help us maintain the natural balance of our plantations. For that purpose we set up small piles of rocks for lizards, while hollow trees are waiting for the birds. In the protection of our grapes against diseases and insect pests we avoid external intervention; we use natural immune- and root-strengthening agents, f.e.: alga-extract, to support the plant’s growth instead. We also use sulfur and copper. During grape-processing and after putting the wine in barells we keep avoiding using any artificial additives.

Our vineyards

In the heart of the Villány wine region

We are farming on 2 hectares. Our property can be found inside the mediterrenean Weingarten hill, on the Kerekdomb (“Round hill”) vineyard. We bought our vineyard from the Czinzár and Rőder family, who both have a long history as winemaker families in Palkonya. We had to replant the plantation to fulfill all the requirements of modern farming conditions, so the last vintage made from grapes of the old plants was 2011. We did the replantation in 2012 which also meant bringing new varieties into our assortment, including cabernet franc, merlot and blaufränkisch. Until the new plants yield fruit, we make our Classicusprotected wines from locally bought grapes (mainly from Villány). We can’t wait to taste the first exciting wines of the new plants!