Siller 2015

A lively Siller that’s “great for picking up a girl”

Dry siller, 2015

Our siller is made from Merlot harvested in 2015. We clearly relate to raspberry both in fragrance and taste. In its chilled state, signs of rosé, while on 12-16 degrees rather signs of lovely red wine dominates the wine. Nice acidity. As a jolly joker in gastronomy, this type of wine can be paired with any kind of food. (screw cap)

What they say

“A lively Siller that’s “great for picking up a girl” with joyous fruits and flavours of fresh sour cherry compote. Generous, appealing and light wine from the Weingarten vineyard in Palkonya and the little cellar of Balázs Hárságyi and his partner, Szilvia. Kékfrankos, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.” Wine Society, September 2014 (Siller 2013)

What's inside


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